5 Best Studio Desk For Your Recording & Mixing Studio

5 best studio desk

5 Best Studio Desk For Your Recording & Mixing Studio

If you are still surveying the best studio desks available on the market, you are definitely in the right place now. Other than your audio interface, headphones, and other outboard gear, the studio desk is one of the essentials that make up your studio space. A good studio desk not only helps you make the most of your studio space, but it also improves your production workflows by giving you more control over analogue outboard gear like microphone preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers, channel strips, keyboard controllers, and so on.

Back to 90s in the analog era, getting a desk that is specially designed for a music studio is limited and not budget-friendly. Following the breakthrough of our music technology in recent years, studio gear is getting more sophisticated and the rise of home studios has driven the demand for studio desks.

In this article, we are focusing on some studio desks which are available to be found in Malaysia as well as overseas. Let’s find out the best studio desk recommendation for your recording & mixing studio.

  1. Wavebone Headquarter
  2. Platform Studio Desk by Output
  3. Studio Desk Dominator
  4. Zaor Miza 88 Flex
  5. Ultimate Support Nucleus 2


Wavebone Headquarter™


The Headquarter™ is the first flagship studio workstation desk created by Wavebone, pioneer Asia studio furniture brand from Taiwan. The studio desk offers generous workspace 150cm x 80cm to place your recording gears, laptops, controllers, and more. The 9U rack spaces are designed ergonomically in a perfect angle to fit multiple racks and removable modularized table board create additional storage spaces. Furthermore, the studio desk set including an adjustable height wheeled keyboard stand with 6 height adjustment allows 99% of keyboard in the market. Headquarter comes in trendy design which comprising of 3 colors: Wood, Black, White to match the color tone of your studio. To experience full comfortability, Wavebone recommend to pair with Voyager ergonomic studio chair.

Price: USD849.20


Platform Studio Desk by Output

DESK IMAGE 3 1 scaled

Just like Wavebone, the Platform is the flagship studio desk of Output based in Los Angeles, California. The studio desk is made of birch, an original wood with a unique pattern. The keyboard tray fits most keyboards up to 88 keys with built-in height customization and amount of extension. The 9U racks allow you to equip yourself with any outboard gear. When setting up involves a large amount of cable and neat cabling management is required, the horizontal panel under the Platform conceals the entire cable management system. It is available in natural wood with a USD100 upcharge for Kodiak Brown and Driftwood Grey.

Price: USD699


Studio Desk Dominator

Dominator pp

As its name speaks for itself, the Dominator workstation is the flagship model of Studio Desk. The Dominator covers all the aspects you need for a studio desk: its kind design, sleek lines, great features, finest details, and comfort; size; ergonomics; finish; and overall looks. The studio desk will take up 2 metres square of your space. The working surface is spacious and has an ergonomically lowered shelf for up to 43-inch monitor screens. Other features include a golden angled top speaker shelf, 12U of available rack space, a comfortable padded armrest, a versatile keyboard stand, and so on.

Price: USD3280


Zaor Miza 88 Flex


As the name implies, the Zaor Miza 88 Flex is conceptually designed to hold a full-sized 88-key full-sized master keyboard and provide easy access to all your outboard gear such as preamps or effect processors. It features six step height adjustment for optimal playing position and legroom, redesigned cable management for maximum efficiency and convenience, optimum construction saves weight and packaging; and a wide working surface for more flexibility.

Price: USD959


Ultimate Support Nucleus 2


The Nucleus Series modular workstations allow you to scale up or down your workspace as your needs change. The Nucleus 2 is a sleek base model that may be customised with accessories. It has a powder-coated finish, high-quality materials, and sufficient storage space for your belongings. It also has a keyboard tray that slides out and a second deck where you can mount your computer monitor and studio monitors. Furthermore, the desk legs offer sound isolation and decoupling.

Price: USD1399.99

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