SoundHeal Bass Trap


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Muddy and inaccurate bass response is usually resulted in flat and hard corner when 2 boundary surfaces(wall) meet. Eventually, the more low‑frequency energy that’s reflected back into the room, the more likely you are to experience problems at the low end. Thus, the Bass Trap is here to deal with all the low frequencies issue. From appearance, SoundHeal Bass Trap has great density and comfy touch which allowing you to feel the finest quality of the product.



  1. Better diffusion that can absorb against any frequency below 400mHz.
  2. Improve the accuracy and consistency when monitoring and mixing in a treated acoustic environment.

Place To Use:
Rehearsing Room, Professional Studio, Recording Booth, Conference Meeting Room, Drum Room



Measurement: 300mm x 300mm x 500mm
Density: 50kg/m³
Color: Black
Type: Wave Form

NRC – 1.25


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