SoundHeal Pyramid Acoustic Foam (Pcs)


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The SoundHeal Pyramid Acoustic Foam is a cost effective 2″ sound absorber for small to medium sized room. It has been proved to kill standing waves and flutter echoes flawlessly. As a result, the room will achieve a balanced and accurate acoustic effects.


*Strongly suggest to listen the differences using your earphone/headphone



  1. Basic soundproofing while providing moderate sound control on walls or ceilings. 
  2. Best suits when absolute sound deadening is not required, but solely for the desirability of moderate deadening.
  3. Most effectively for mid-to-high frequency ranges. (500Hz and Above)
  4. Ideal for small – medium sized area such as isolated booth, control room & sound studios.
  5. Cover up to 80 square feet (7.5 meter square) .


Height: 50mm/5cm/0.16ft
Length: 500mm/50cm/1.64ft
Width: 500mm?/50cm/1.64ft
NRC: 0.7
Density: 50 kg / m³

Color: Grey Black



1) Does SoundHeal Pyramid Acoustic Foam “SOUNDPROOF” a room?
This is a common question which usually confused and asked by many people. Are they able to isolate or even block sound from travelling in and out of their room by just applying ACOUSTIC FOAM? Unfortunately, the answer is NO! 

In fact, none of the acoustic foams in the market are scientifically made for soundproofing purpose. Most of the time, a proper acoustically treated room requires 3 essential layers (insulation, absorption, diffusion). SoundHeal Acoustic Foam works at the absorption layer instead of the isolation layer. In order to SOUNDPROOF a room, you need closed pores, greater mass, high density element to achieve the soundproofing result. The core function of SoundHeal Acoustic Foam are to control the ambience and treat average reverbation time in your room.

2) Do you provide any sample?
Yes, we do provide small sample for FREE! We know it is not difficult for you to justify the quality of the product by just looking at the product picture, therefore we provide FREE sample for you too. You would only need to pay for the door to door postage which is as low as RM6.50 per sample. Contact us at for FREE sample.


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