Best Audio Interface For Home Studio 2022 – Part 1

Best Audio Interface 2022

Best Audio Interface For Home Studio 2022 – Part 1

The audio interface is one of the most essential tools you need to begin digital music production at home. It converts all the sound waves into zero and one or vice versa. You can hook up any gear such as microphones, headphones, microphone preamplifiers, effect processors, MIDI devices, studio monitors, and musical instruments into an audio interface to start recording, mixing, or mastering. With more than a hundred choices on the market, how do we find the most suitable audio interface that not only comes with the features we need but also at a price we can afford?

Below we have listed some of the best audio interfaces for home recorders. Let’s move on!

  1. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen
  2. Steinberg UR22C MKII
  3. Yamaha AG03 MKII
  4. MIDIPlus Studio 2 Pro
  5. M-Audio Air 192|4

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

The Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen is one of the best selling interfaces in the market since their first generation released in 2011. Other than its eye catching champagne red sleek metal chassis, the Scarlett 2i2 is an USB-C audio interface comes with two newly improved preamps with up to 56dB gain, a pair of combo input connections for XLR/1/4″ jack, and an AIR mode emulation option you can find on Focusrite’s ISA transformer preamp.

You can mike up any guitars, basses or microphones with their best performing preamp. The 48V phantom power on board allows you to power any condenser microphone. By turning on the AIR mode feature during recording, it alters the frequency response at the input stage and enrich high frequency details with a real sense of space to make your vocal shine in the mix.

Focusrite 2i2 3rd 3

The direct monitor of 2i2 offers real time low latency monitoring along with the ability to switch monitoring mode in mono or stereo. The Focusrite Control application allows you to control your audio setting, cue routing, and monitor mixing easily from your Mac®, PC, iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®.

To get you started with your recording and production journey, every Scarlett 3rd Gen interface ships with a suite of software that includes two complete digital audio workstations (Ableton® Live Lite and Pro Tools® First Focusrite Creative Pack), Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite’s Red Plug-in Suite, and your choice of four Addictive Keys virtual keyboard instruments from XLN Audio.

Overall, the Scarlett 2i2 is definitely a great choice for anyone who wants a compact and flexible recording machine with powerful microphone preamp technology.

Release Year: 2019

Retail: RM680


Steinberg UR22C

The Steinberg UR22C is a perfect portable USB-C – USB 3.1 Gen 1 SuperSpeed audio interface. It promotes higher speed, versatility, and able to connect to PC, Mac, or iOS devices. What makes it stand out from others is that they use high quality ADDA converter with support up to 32 bit/192kHz sampling rate. The build quality of the audio interface is superbly sturdy and durable with its black silver mixed metal casing, which gives you a sense of its ability to last for many years to come. Every interface usually has their own preamp characteristics.

UR22C 2

In UR22C, it is integrated with two Yamaha highly acclaimed D-PRE preamp (up to 60dB), a class leading preamp that delivers detailed high end, immaculate dynamic response, and rich, rounded low frequencies. Along with dspMixFX technology, you will be able to have zero latency monitoring with the built in DSP effect.

They also come with Cubase AI music production software for PC/Mac and Cubasis LE iPad music production app for iOS, allowing you to start your music creation journey instantly. If you are live streamers too, the loopback feature is absolutely an added advantage to streamline your live streaming performance.

Release Year: 2019

Retail: RM830


Yamaha AG03 MK2

The AG03 MK2 is a whole new upgraded USB audio interface with improvements in build, design, internal circuitry, and sound quality compared to its first version. It features a XLR combo input for microphone, a Hi-Z input for electric guitars, and two 1/4″ line input for keyboard/effect processors. A new color, Black, is also included in this new release. It offers a fully useful and intuitive features for live streamers, be it on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

You can livestream your voice or background music playback from your smartphone or tablet by connecting a TRRS stereo mini cable to the 4 pole mini input/output with the loopback feature switched on. A newly added mute button allows you to cut your mic input in any situation required during a live streaming session.

Yamaha AG03 5 Black

The built in DSP control with optimized 1-TOUCH COMP/EQ and REVERB effect elevate the experience of your audience during live streaming. Simply press the reverb button on the unit to add some liveliness to your vocal.  By using their AG controller software on your smartphone or tablet, you can easily and precisely check and configure the DSP audio processing inside the AG.

Overall, the AG03 MK2 is definitely one of the best options for anyone who not only wants an interface for high quality recording but also fast and easy to setup for live streaming.

Release Year: 2022

Retail: RM1100


MIDIPlus Studio M Pro

The redesigned Studio collection continues the excellent industrial design and philosophy of MIDIPLUS.  The Studio M Pro is a 1 in 2 out ultra compact audio interface with 24-Bit/192kHz high precision standard. With the new algorithm-optimized microphone preamplifier, you can record powerful and transparent audio instantly.

In addition to the new all-black appearance design and thick geek style, the performance of the Studio series has been greatly improved since the first version, and all aspects of performance have been comprehensively improved to the level of European and American first-tier brands, and in many aspects, even far beyond their competitors.

MIDIPlus Studio M Pro 4

The Studio M Pro deploys a new circuit module designed to improve the product’s ability to work stably in poor power supply conditions. In addition, especially for the output of the headphone, the output voltage increases by 10V, the dynamic range performance is improved, and the overall amplification of the headphone output is improved, which can be catered for both professional listening back and HIFI applications.

A brand new designed Studio Mix driver with modern and intuitive control panel allows you to configure audio routing and loopback for live streaming easily. Overall, the Studio M Pro is highly recommended for anyone who prefers a light-weight, feature-rich yet affordable audio interface for their home studio or while travelling.

Release Year: 2020

Retail: RM580


M-Audio Air 192|4

The Air 192|4 is an USB audio interface with contemporary and rugged metal chassis for your creative content creation. Likewise, it records any sounds professionally up to 192 kHz/24 bit resolution. It boasts two balanced combo input powered by Transparent Crystal™ preamps and ultra-pristine A/D converters for unsurpassed audio quality. With them, you can connect any of your microphone and music instrument to start recording simultaneously.

Air 192 4 1

The monitor mix control allows zero latency monitoring and volume balancing between your playback from PC or direct input. It has a very conspicuous and large main output volume control knob sitting at the centre of the interface for faster and more accurate volume control for your studio monitors. The Air 192|4 also completes with a generous software package which including Ableton Live Lite, MPC Beats, Revalver, Air Effect plugins, AIR Creative FX Collection as well as AIR virtual instrument plugins to get you started.

Release Year: 2019

Retail: RM490

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