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August 2022


Top 5 Best Budget Studio Condenser Microphones 2023 – Part 1

In the world of recording studios, we are always filled with the term "condenser microphone". There are many brands out there producing condenser microphones such as Audio Technica, Rode, Neumann, Superlux, AKG, Behringer & many more. Many audio engineers usually have their own rack of high-end condenser microphones such as...

June 2022

Melodyne Upgrade Sales 50% Off

The Melodyne Upgrade Season Is Here Again!

Melodyne Upgrade Sales Melodyne, that one tool you need to perfect your vocal performance is now having the upgrades promotion until 2/7/2022! For existing users, you are able to upgrade your Melodyne version to higher version with up to 50% off! Check out the offer here: Essentials - Designed for...

May 2022

Condenser VS Dynamic Microphone

Condenser VS Dynamic Microphone

Most of the time, we hear the terms "condenser microphones" and "dynamic microphones" in live sound and studio environments. We also often hear people say that condenser or dynamic microphones are only suitable for use in certain circumstances. Is this really the case? Are there any distinct differences between these...