AKG K175 On Ear Closed Back Monitoring Headphone

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Legendary AKG sonic performance

Building on a 70-year legacy of continual design innovation, AKG delivers unmatched sound quality and comfort in this new family of Foldable Studio Headphones. The new K175 represents the culmination of decades of refinement—from the transducers, to the porting, to the fit and finish.


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You can take headphones out of the studio…

…but you can’t take the studio out of these headphones. Now it’s even more convenient to take studio-quality sound with you. With the K175, it’s almost as if you were sitting in front of a pair of great reference monitors—transparent, defined, and uncolored. All three headphone models in the Foldable Studio Headphones Line (K175, K245, K275), offer the best-in-class frequency response, delivering unrivaled clarity and detail, making it easy to hear subtle detail and to create mixes that translate well across different playback systems. Their superior sensitivity and low impedance offer maximum output before distortion, so you can use them even when playing music on lower-powered mobile devices.


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You’ve never heard bass like this

When you’re serious about editing and mixing your music, you’re looking for more than thumping bass in your headphones, you need nuanced low frequencies. The K175 offers 40mm transducers—the largest in their class—to create greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. This makes it easy to define each and every instrument you’re hearing.


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Built to last

After decades of the strictest product standards and most rigorous of testing regimens, quality has become synonymous with the AKG name—and these headphones are no exception. From intensive driver stress tests, to an 80,000-bend-cycle for cables—even an exaggerated drop test—we put our headphone designs through the gauntlet, so you can count on them for years to come. All of the critical pieces are metal, including the hinge, guaranteeing they last through heavy use. Additionally, the cable is replaceable, further extending the life of your investment.


icon AKG CheckmarkTake the studio with you

With a completely foldable design, made possible through an innovative, three-axis hinge, the K175 can easily be collapsed and transported in tight spaces, like a travel bag. The design minimizes the exposure to damage that comes with the demanding mobile lifestyles of musicians, producers, and audio engineers.


icon AKG CheckmarkMake music in comfort

No more tugging or pulling to adjust the fit of your headphones. The AKG K175 are the first foldable, studio-quality headphones in their class to offer a self-adjusting headband, floating ear cups, and an innovative three-axis hinge to provide you an instant, all-over perfect fit with every use. And they don’t just fit well, they feel good. AKG headphones have become a trusted studio ally over the years for their ability to be worn, fatigue-free, for hours on sessions, due to their light weight, and comfortable slow-retention foam ear pads. With a secure fit and seal, AKG Foldable Studio Headphones provide ideal bass extension and with a closed-back, the K175 prevent external audio from leaking into the environment during critical mixing and monitoring sessions.


icon AKG Checkmark

Legendary AKG studio sound and comfort

On-ear, closed-back design


icon AKG CheckmarkLarge 40 mm transducers

For greater low-frequency extension


icon AKG CheckmarkBest-in-class frequency response

For unrivaled clarity and detail


icon AKG CheckmarkSuperior sensitivity and low impedance

Provide maximum output with a broad range of playback devices


icon AKG CheckmarkFoldable, ergonomic design allows you to take studio-quality sound with you

Fitting right into your backpack or computer bag


icon AKG CheckmarkHeadband self-adjusts for a perfect fit

Every time you put them on


icon AKG CheckmarkSlow-retention foam ear pads

Ensure a comfortable, secure fit that also maximizes acoustic isolation


icon AKG CheckmarkExtreme AKG testing regimen

Ensures reliability even after heavy use


icon AKG CheckmarkDurable all-metal hinge

Designed to last for years


Replaceable cable

To maximize value and investment



General Specifications

Headphone type: closed-back
Transducer size: 40 mm
Sensitivity: headphones114 dB SPL/V
Rated Impedance: 32 Ohms
Detachable cable: yes
Cable Length: coiled 5 m
Earpads replaceable: yes

Audio Specifications

Audio frequency bandwidth: 18 – 26000 Hz


Net Weight: 250 g


Detachable: Yes

Wearing Style

On-ear: Yes


Studio Mixing: Yes
Studio Monitoring: Yes
Live Performance: Yes
Drummer: Yes
Mobile Devices: Yes


Foldable: Yes

Cup Style

Closed-back: Yes


Foldable: Yes

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