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Filter The Unwanted Experience Unprecedented Clariness

Float Acoustic TF77 Pop Filter Front

The TF77 is a double wavy wire mesh pop filter that offering high end features you will never find in its class. The frame structure of the pop filter is made with durable in mind with ABS matte finishing. Just like our flagship suspension stand XF587, it gives you that premium touch.


Build For Professional Recording

Float Acoustic TF77 Layer

TF77 applies 3 layers of filtration on its modern design. The wavy form on the screen which is made with stainless steel quickly break up to 90% of any popping or explosives sounds in aspirated plosive pronounciation. These pronounciation usually starts with ‘p’,’t’,’k’,’d’,’b’, and ‘g’ as the first character of every word. Unlike conventional pop filter, the TF77 built in air escape outlet in between the stainless steel screen play a vital role to clean up extra popping or plosive sound energy which resulting in clean, clear and balance vocal recording.



  • 3 layers filtration.
  • Designed for anyone who wants to achieve professional vocal recording outcome.
  • Waveform design break up any pop & plosive sounds which usually with ‘p’,’t’,’k’,’d’,’b’, and ‘g’ as the first character of every pronounced word up to 90%.
  • Built in air escape outlet as second layer of cleaning up popping and plosive sounds energy.
  • Protect accumulation of saliva which could possibly damage your microphone element such as the diaphragm.
  • Act as a separator between the vocalist and the microphone to achieve the best proximity effect



Frame Diameter: 108mm

Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy in ABS Matte Finishing

Screen Diameter: 105mm

Screen Material: Stainless Steel

Gooseneck Diameter: 8mm

Gooseneck Length (Including Clipper): 650mm

Gooseneck Material: Carbon Steel

Weight: 233.3g


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