MIDIPlus X6 61-Key MIDI Keyboard (Discontinued)


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Unprecedented appearance design

Strong and light metal body, both sides are clear texture clear matte coating wood. The primary color of X6 is white, the upper right corner is the X6 LOGO, which makes you feel full of sense of science and technology, avant-garde and beautiful. White body and black base give you a strong visual impact.



With four assignable knob controller

Assign any parameters you need to control to any one of these knobs, default control are 1.Volume 2.Pan 3.Expression Controller 4.Reverb


Connect to MiniEngine USB Sound Module

No need to turn on the computer, no software required, all you need is connect X6 to an external audio source, and then insert a headphones or speakers for playing, With MIDI engine USB portable Sound Module, you can choose tones, control the size of reverberation, chorus depth and so on, which means that you now have a 128 realistic sounding instruments’ MIDI keyboard.

X6可连接mini Engine USB


Compatible with a variety of DAWs

Plug and play, no additional power supply. Compatible with Cubase, FLzStudio ,Logic, Live and other digital audio workstation software. Just one USB cable can get you quickly into a creative environment.

X6 兼容多种编曲软件


Connect to iPad

What’s more, using a MIDIPLUS iLink cable, you can connect X6 to an iPad. It is compatible with any apps that supports CoreMIDI. Such as Garage band, Piano Apprentice、 iGrand Piano、Music Studio. Make music. Make fun. 



  • 61 volecity sensitive keys
  • USB power supply, no external power supply needed
  • Plug and play, no driver needed
  • Connecting to computer with one USB cable gets you quickly into a    creative environment
  • Brand new joystick controller, which use for controlling Pitch and Modulation
  • MIDI/Select Mode switch and Octave up/down buttons
  • 4 assignable knobs, default control: 1.Volume 2.pan 3.Expression   controller 4.REVERB
  • 6 assignable transport buttons with default mapping.
  • 1 MIDI OUT, which for sending data to a computer, or use as a MIDI  controller
  • SUSTAIN input, which could be used to connect to a pedal.
  • Size: 885mm x 215mm x 60mm
  • Weight: 7kg


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