Pre-Order Your First Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphone With Free Gift!

Pre-Order Your First Sony MDR7506 Studio Headphone With Free Gift!

The studio headphone, MDR7506, has been an industry standard for over a decade. When asked, almost every studio owns one to use in their daily audio production and mixing. The natural and flat frequency response, comfortability, and durable design make the 7506 great for anyone in the audio editing field. Some of the features that MDR7506 offers as below:

  • Perfect headphones for professional studio monitoring, detailed listening, DJing, or just enjoying music wherever you are
  • Closed-back design provides you with a consistent listening environment while isolating sound inside and outside of your headphones
  • Fully adjustable headband provides maximum comfort
  • Durable folding design provides quality that lasts for years and folds down for easy portability
  • Stereo UniMatch plug allows you to plug into both 1/4″ and 1/8″ headphone jacks
  • Gold connectors and oxygen-free copper cord give you top-quality sound transmission
  • Frequency response extends from 10Hz to 20kHz – easily covering the whole audible spectrum
  • Includes a handy soft case


Pre-order your first Sony MDR7506 headphone today and get an additional pair of 7506 Class S Protein leather earpad!


Sony MDR7506 Closed Back Professional Studio Headphone (FREE Class S Protein Leather Earpads)

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