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The Wavebone Classic Set comes in a bundle of Headquarter™ studio desk and Voyager-II™ ergonomic studio chair for anyone who is ready for a home studio transformation that look professional and comfortable.


After continuous research and studies with music industry professionals, Headquarter™ incorporates knowledge from ergonomics, acoustics, and recording engineering to make studios better places for musicians. The centerpiece in the studio that every artists/producers have long for.


HeadquarterTM is a large 150 x 80 cm working space with plenty of room for your recording gear, laptop, computer monitor, speakers, and whatever else you need. The 9U rack space can also be used for standard audio interfaces or the 500 series. Multiple racks can be accommodated, and removable modularized table boards can create additional storage space. We also made the angled rack space more ergonomic.


The speaker shelf is the ideal spot for your professional speakers and monitor. The constant height level between your head and the shelf ensures proper working posture and also forms a golden triangle between your ears and speakers for the finest audio experience. HeadquarterTM’s solid keyboard desk is available at six different adjustable heights: 51.5cm, 53.45cm, 55.4cm, 57.35cm, 59.3cm, and 61.25cm. This amazing feature allows HeadquarterTM to accept nearly every keyboard model on the planet. Easy slide-in and slide-out capabilities allow you to play like an expert.


The table boards feature a grommet design to help you organize cables from your gears. With this unique design, Headquarter™ will create a tidy environment for musicians!


Voyager II™ inherits all of Voyager I™’s abilities. Plus, it has a high back design that provides users with complete back support. In addition to the headrest, your neck can be easily stretched and relaxed. Voyager II™ can provide a premium experience for you as a professional musician.


The Voyager II™ features a fantastic functional seat mechanism that allows users to lean down at various angles. After a long day of work, the three varied angles of the Voyager II™ provide full stretch and support, reviving you for the next challenge! The rotatable armrest can be rotated backward to create more space for guitar playing. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about armrests interfering with your enjoyment of your favourite music! The adjustable headrest makes Voyager II™ a more versatile companion. The angle and height of the headrest may be modified, allowing you to rest in whichever position you like while never sacrificing the support it provides.



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