KRK Rokit RP10-3 G3 Studio Monitor (Pair)


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KRK’s ROKIT 10-3 G3 (Generation 3) powered studio monitor offers professional performance and accuracy for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. The system consists of a 1” soft dome tweeter, a 4” midrange driver and 10” glass-Aramid composite woofer. It delivers high frequencies up to 30kHz, vocal clarity and extended bass response. The proprietary tri-amped, class A/B amplifier grants SPL up to 110dB. The ROKIT waveguide is designed to ensure detailed imaging in the listening position. The front-firing bass port reduces boundary coupling, the rotatable midrange module allows flexible positioning in the room while the engineered surface reduces diffraction distortion. Multiple input connections ensure the ROKIT 10-3 G3 will easily integrate in any system configuration. Features updated voicing for more punch and control, and overall a more balanced sound.

The largest Monitor of the ROKIT Family, the KRK ROKIT 10-3 G3 will deliver every detail of performance thru its ample headroom and tight bass tuning.



System typeActive Studio Monitor
Low-Frequency10″ Aramid Glass Composite woofer
Mid-Frequency4″ Aramid Glass Composite Midrange
High-Frequency1″ soft dome tweeter
Frequency Response31Hz – 20kHz
Max Peak SPL113dB
Amplifier ClassClass A-B
Power Output140W
High Frequency30W
Low Frequency80W
Input Impedance (Ohms)(Ohms):10 K Ohm balanced
HF Level Adjust-2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB
System Volume(-30dB – +6dB)
Input Connectors

Unbalanced RCA

Balanced 1/4″ TRS

Balanced XLR

Enclosure ConstructionMDF
FinishBlack vinyl wrap
Port ConfigurationFront firing slot port
Dimensions (D x W x H)21.5″ (545mm) x 12.8″ (325mm) x 14.4″ (365mm)
Weight46 Lbs. (21 Kg.)




  • True 3-Way Design enabling the most important part of the frequency spectrum to be reproduced by a separate midrange driver, resulting in an incredibly neutral midrange response.
  • Axis Control – The monitors can be placed and positioned vertically and horizontally, enabled by the rotatable MF/HF Baffle.
  • Mid-Field – The Rokit Powered 10-3 is a mid-field monitor, with the optimal operating distance of 1m-4m depending on preference, room size, geometry, orientation, and configuration.
  • Curved Baffle virtually eliminates diffraction distortion
  • Front-firing Port is shape optimized to reduce turbulence and reduce boundary coupling.
  • Tweeter Waveguide design provides amazing detail and imaging by optimizing directivity and phase response.
  • 1″ Neodymium Soft Dome Tweeter This tweeter design utilizes a silk dome for detailed high frequency reproduction.
  • Ferro fluid Damping / Cooling The properties of ferro-fluid are used to control distortion and heat dissipation of the tweeter.
  • Glass Aramid Composite creates very rigid Woofer and Midrange cones for excellent transient response and accurate vocal reproduction.
  • KRK High Efficiency Tri-Amp a triple amplification system provides discrete low-distortion power for each driver. While our active three-way crossover systems provide smooth and accurate frequency response.
  • Thermal and Overload / Clip Protection are integral to the design enhancing the safety and ensuring long life of the product..
  • Volume Control on rear of unit allows a high resolution gain range from -30 dB to +6 dB.
  • Total Connectivity – The Rokit Powered 10-3 is fitted with dedicated balanced XLR, and 1/4″ Line inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs.


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