MIDIPlus MI3 Active Monitor with Bluetooth


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The MI3 is a pair of 3-inch portable bluetooth monitor speakers. The high energy-efficient class-d amplifier provides 60w rms power. Clear and accurate zero-note to dye sound restore ability is very suitable for arrangement, recording, mixing, music appreciation and other occasions.



Small Body and Big Energy
MI3 adopt high energy efficiency dual class-d amplifier which can achieves a total power of 60w rms, which is more efficient than common class ab type amplifiers. It has lower heat generation and smaller size. The compact size combined with less than 3.1 kilograms of weight allows you to bring anywhere.


Excellent Frequency Response
The MI3 uses a 3-inch woven glass fiber woofer and a 3/4-inch silk membrane dome tweeter, allowing low-frequency to 40hz (-3db) and high-frequency extend to 30khz (-3db ).



Acoustic Adjustment and Rich Input Ways
The MI3 has 4-speed (-2db, -1db, 0db, +1db) high-frequency adjustments to adjust high frequencies to match your room’s characteristics. MI3 has 2 unbalanced rca inputs, 3.5mm stereo input and bluetooth wireless connection to support high sound quality transmission.

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