Presonus Temblor T8 8″ Active Subwoofer


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A solid foundation for mixing.
A subwoofer provides the extra-deep low frequencies you need when mixing on relatively small monitors, especially for music that requires serious low-end punch. Powerful and musical, Temblor® T8 active, downward-firing subwoofers are designed to deliver fast and accurate transient response, extending low frequencies without a hint of “tubbiness” or overshoot. This ensures that Temblor-series subwoofers complement full-range monitors without overshadowing them, naturally extending the reach of your full-range system’s low end so that you can produce your best mix from top to bottom.

Tight, clean, responsive bass.
The Temblor T8’s glass-composite low-frequency driver delivers tight and responsive bass, thanks to its lightweight and rigid cone. This design also provides lower distortion than other materials, ensuring that the sub-bass reproduction in your monitoring system is as coherent and clear as your full-range monitors.

A perfect fit with your full-range monitors.
Temblor-series subwoofers make integrating a subwoofer into your monitoring setup easy so you can create the most accurate possible response. The Temblor T8 provides a continuously variable lowpass filter (50 Hz to 130 Hz), allowing you to create a seamless crossover transition between your full-range studio monitors and subwoofer for the most accurate listening environment possible.

The central hub of your monitoring setup.
Temblor subwoofers provide the connections and controls necessary to act as the central hub for a basic monitoring setup. A switchable highpass filter on the full-range outputs helps to avoid frequency cancellation and reinforcement in the subwoofer’s upper range. A polarity invert ensures your system is in phase.

Accuracy defined.
When you hear the low-frequency foundation of your mix accurately, you can make more informed decisions and create more translatable mixes. Temblor T8 subwoofers are the natural sub-bass extension for virtually any small full-range studio monitoring system, home stereo, or home theater system.



Main components

  • 8-inch, downward-firing, glass-composite low-frequency transducer

  • Round, front-firing, bass-reflex acoustic port

Controls and filters

  • Input gain control (-30 dB to +6 dB, continuously variable)

  • Continuously variable lowpass filter (50 Hz to 130 Hz)

  • Built-in crossover

  • Switchable highpass filter removes frequency content below 80 Hz from the full-range signal sent from the Temblor outputs to the main monitors

  • Polarity invert

Power and safety

  • 200 watt, Class AB amplification

  • Internal damping and heat sink

  • Integrated rubber feet for stable placement

Inputs and outputs

  • Left and right, balanced ¼” TRS and unbalanced RCA main inputs

  • Left and right, balanced ¼” TRS and unbalanced RCA outputs



2- Balanced ¼” TRS

2- Unbalanced RCA

2- Balanced ¼” TRS (full range with 80 Hz HPF option

2- Unbalanced RCA (full range with 80 Hz HPF option)

Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 200 Hz
Low Pass Filter Frequency: 50 – 130 Hz (variable)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >98 dB (A weighted)
THD: 0.05%
Amplifier Power: 200W peak, 100W RMS
Power Consumption: 120W
Amplifier Type: Class AB
Peak SPL at 1m: 104 dB
Woofer: 8” glass-composite, downward-firing
Acoustic Port: Front-firing bass reflex (round)
User Controls
Input Gain Range: -30 to +6 dB
Polarity Switch: 0° or 180°
Low Pass Filter Control: 50 Hz to 130 Hz
High Pass Filter Switch: On/Off

RF interference

Output-current limiting


Turn-on/off transient

Subsonic filter

External mains fuse

Power: 100-120V ~50/60 Hz or 220-240V ~50/60 Hz

Cabinet: Vinyl-laminated MDF

Width: 10.2” (260 mm)
Depth: 12.6” (320 mm)
Height: 11” (280 mm)
Weight: 21.2 lbs (9.6 kg)




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